Gynecomastia Treatment Without Surgery

Gynecomastia is one health condition where you can see growth of men’s breast just like women’s. Gynecomastia can cause embarrassment to young boys and adults who have them. A person who has them would always think to get rid of them in a medical or normal way. Following natural tips that reduce the size of breast is a good idea. These natural tips have no side effects. There are many natural tips to get rid of Gynecomastia. Below are few tips, which can help in reduction of Gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia treatment without surgery can be safe way of reducing man breast.

  • If you have pseudogynecomastia which is caused due to obesity or overweight, then treatment for this kind of Gynecomastia you need to spend a lot of money. To get rid of this kind of Gynecomastia in a natural way then you need to jog, walk, run and some physical exercises.
  • If you want to get rid of this man boobs, then you must stop using lavender oil and tea tree oil. Avoiding above oil will help in reduction of this male breast.
  • Do not expose yourself to pollution and lead. Certain pollutants will help of in growth of male breasts. So avoiding such pollutants and help in reduction of Gynecomastia. High level of lead will cause growth in male breasts.
  • One must maintain weight. Proper diet should be taken to get rid of this Gynecomastia. You must know the ideal weight of your body according to your height. You can find charts in the stores. Get these charts and try to maintain weight with good food. Overweight can help in causing Gynecomastia.
  • Exercising is one mandatory natural tip to get rid of this Gynecomastia. You need to work out daily to tighten your muscles in the chest. To tighten your chest muscles then you need to do push-ups. You must exercise in the effective way to tone up your pectoral muscles. As per doctors advice you need to workout. Working out in your own way may land you in trouble.
  • It is good that you stop eating soy products. Soy contains phyto-estrogens, which can disturb male androgen levels that can lead to Gyn0.
  • Using salt in food is common but using excess salt can result in male breast. Extra salt usage can increase puffiness and in tissues around the chest.
  • Playing sports also help in good fitness that tightens your muscles in your chest and your body. Do yoga regularly.
  • Eat fish and foods which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids can help curing Gynecomastia.
  • You should increase dietary animal fats one tablespoon per meal.
  • Use iodine supplement.
  • Red clover herb helps in reduction of estrogen. You can consume this clover in food or in tea. You can even try hormone supplements that are available in stores. These supplements must be taken with doctor’s advice to avoid complications.

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Gynecomastia treatment without surgery is always a good idea. Every home remedy you follow would help in reducing Gynecomastia but it is good that you consult doctor before taking home made remedy.

Please consult with doctor if your Gynecomastia condition is severe.

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  1. Merna

    , I had gynecomastia suregry on a Friday and was able to get back to work that following Monday. I had to wear my compression vest for a few days, but that’s about it. Use common sense when deciding to do anything involving your chest muscles, especially lifting heavy objects. I went back to the gym about a month after my suregry.If you haven’t returned to work already, use a sick day or two to recover.


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