Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia (Gyno) is genetic disorder in males, especially in young males where breast enlarges to an uneven size.  This is natural and common health disorder occurs in almost every male during the puberty period of life. High estrogen level causes this condition called Gynecomastia. It is a good idea to consult a doctor if breasts enlarge, and it doesn’t goes away naturally. It would make us embarrass going around with friends especially wear t-shirts and other tight outfits. There are many natural ways to get rid of this health condition without side effects, but you fail to succeed this way; it is compulsory that you visit your family doctor.

Treatment Advise Without Gyno Surgery:

Generally, this Gynecomastia goes away naturally but in some cases it doesn’t. You must try to concentrate on how to get rid of gyno natural way. You can consult a doctor when this Gynecomastia turns severe. If it is not a severe, then you must try getting rid of them naturally. Before visiting your doctor or taking pills you can try physical exercises. You must go to gym and perform exercises that can reduce the size of enlarged breast. Pectoral exercises help tightening muscles in the chest. This way, you can get rid of sagging breast.  Pushups, bench presses, chest fly can also help in tightening muscles of chest. Above workouts should be done only under supervision of gym instructor.

About Gynecomastia Surgery:

Gynecomastia surgery isn’t a complicated surgery to worry about. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia and sedation. This surgery is performed to remove fat and grandular tissue in the breast. It is true that you will feel little discomfort after surgery. You will have bandages around chest, and you may have little pain also. This pain sometimes would be moderate and often severe but do not worry you will be also given pain reliever medicine. Mostly, you will get expected results after surgery. After total recovery, you can wear any tight outfit like t-shirt.  You can even walk bare chest, especially at a beach. This will boost your confidence levels and make you feel happy.

Precautions to be taken after surgery:

Precautions must be taken after Gynecomastia surgery otherwise you will wind up again in the hospital but this time with other issues. A doctor who performs surgery on you is the right person who can give you precautions that help healing the wound. After surgery, you need bed rest and you are not supposed to take any weight on your hands. You must follow a balanced diet (foods that help speedy recovery). You must avoid certain foods that can create complications after surgery. You will also be given pain relievers. Consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited post-surgery as this may lead to fluid retention. Activities that exhaust you must be avoided. Also stay away taking part in any sport. In short, you need total bed rest for at least for two weeks for a speedy and complete recovery. Failing to take above precautions will lead to other serious health issues, and your Gyno surgery will go vain and fetch you nothing ultimately your life becomes more miserable.

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