Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery Time & Tips

Normally, it takes sometime to recover from Gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia surgery recovery depends upon the procedure performed. If it much complicated surgery that it takes more time than normal recovery. Patient needs utmost care.

You will experience moderate pain around the operated area of breast. You will also notice swelling and bruises. This is a natural symptom after surgery.  If proper care is taken, then you can expect a speedy recovery. After surgery, it will be difficult for you to move and walk. Your chest gets completely wrapped with bandages. You will even have pain around your operated chest area sometimes the pain expands to abdomen area. The intensity of pain will increase after 2 to 3 days of surgery. This pain goes away soon.

After surgery, it is good to stay away from exposing the wound to the sun; if not there would be a possibility of discoloration of skin. You will be given medication for above after surgery issues.  After surgery sometimes blood gets accumulated. This happens with 10 days before post surgery. This condition can result in extreme pain and swelling around breast area.

First few days of after the surgery are very critical during this period utmost care should be taken. You need complete bed rest for a week that means you shouldn’t even walk around except attending nature calls. You should also take off from office work for one week. Taking heavy weights and moving hands in every possible angle is also strictly prohibited. Taking weights heavy in your hands can tighten muscles in chest, and this can cause severe pain. Raising your hands’ up in the air vertically is completely prohibited.  You need to wear garments that can support your chest which can reduce much moment in chest.


Diet and Exercise:

Excellent diet and proper exercise would help in speedy Gynecomastia surgery recovery. Consumption of fluids helps is good results in speedy recovery. Raw and balanced diet is recommended post surgery. Control your taste buds from having food that can hurdle your recovery. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Doing exercises at home should be done only after taking permission from doctor who performed surgery. He is the only person who knows your post surgery condition well. With his consent, you must be doing exercises that can help speed recovery. Generally, doctor suggests to exercises four to five weeks after surgery until then you are not supposed to take even single brick weight in your hands. Doing exercises of your own may be dangerous so it is advised to know the kinds of exercises you need to do from your doctor. Avoid sexual activities for two weeks and strenuous activities for 4-5 weeks.

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It normally it takes 4-5 weeks for total recovery till then you should be careful. If you act carelessly post surgery than you will have to pay heavy price for the consequences arise there after. Follow recovery tips regularly, eat well and take rest. It’s completely in your hands for speedy Gynecomastia surgery recovery even doctor cannot help if you act careless.

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  1. Adidon

    the only way to get rid of it is surgery. Many poplee that have it, if they work their pecs out a lot the muscle will build underneath it and make it more noticable through T-Shirts and clothing. I wish I could get surgery but there’s still a small chance I’m still growing and losign some weight so I still have time.


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