Here is my story..!! I was suffering from Gynecomastia (aka Gyno or Man boobs) and I managed to get rid of it naturally with the help of Garry’s method! It took me 8 weeks to vanish it completely and you can do it too. I want to help those who are struggling to get rid of Man boobs naturally and are not able to afford surgery.

I was 23 year old at that time when I realize that my chest is not like others, I had puffy nipples and round tissue gland around it like girls. I consulted doctors and they suggested many pills at the beginning and later they advised me to go for surgery which was very expensive for me. But, with my 6 week of complete dedication and proper diet plan helped me to bring my life back without surgery. Check out below video to reveal the secret about losing man boobs in a month.

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How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia or Man Boobs Naturally

This ugly disease is caused by hormonal disbalance. Estrogen and Testosterone are two hormones in our body which controls female and male traits respectively. Estrogen is female hormone but men also produce it in small quanity. Estrogen controls female traits, including the growth of breasts. Most people think of estrogen as female hormone, but men also produce it. However, male estrogen levels that are too high or are out of balance with testosterone levels can cause gynecomastia.

If you want to get rid of it naturally then you have to strike it in root cause of this disease which is hormonal disbalance. If you get to know the ultimate cause and start focusing on how to stop that from happening then you are done!

Believe me guys!! Surgery is not required for this (except in severe exceptional case in 40+ aged mens). Check out the video on getting rid of Gyno by Garry Davidson  (video presentation link given above) and you will get to know the fact behind it. I know that you have already done some research on Gyno. If not, then read information about it  below.

What is Gynecomastia or Man Boobs?

Gynecomastia is a Greek word gynec (feminine) and mastos (breast).  Gynecomastia is a common and natural genetic health condition in males and young boys where tissues in breast enlarge (male breast). This caused due to imbalance of hormones’ estrogen and testosterone.  A change in hormone levels is the main cause for this weird health condition. This condition sometimes occurs to both breasts where breasts swell unevenly causing embarrassment to young males. This may not be a serious health problem, but young males have hard time overcoming this health condition. This health condition usually faced by males during the puberty. In this website you will find information about how to get rid of Gyno or Gynecomastia with the help of natural treatment or with the help of surgical treatment.

How to get rid of Gyno naturally

Food and Exercise:

If you have pseudogynecomastia then you can reduce it by doing simple physical exercises like walking and jogging. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can be an effective way of reducing Gynecomastia.  Building muscles in the chest can help in reduction of breast size.  This exercise is best alternate to medication, which costs nothing.  Exercises like push-ups, bench presses and chest fly can be very effective.


There are many natural herbs available in stores of treatment of this Gynecomastia. Herbs help reducing enlarged breast naturally. This herb doesn’t have side effects. It is good idea to take herbal medicine for safe treatment.

Red Clover:

Red clover is a powerful agent in reducing Gynecomastia. Red clover has genistein which helps in reducing estrogen.  We must consultant doctor before we go ahead with this kind of self-treatment.


Even turmeric helps in reducing the size of this unevenly enlarged breast.  It increases testosterone levels in males which ultimately treat this health condition.

How to get rid of Man Boobs surgically

Cosmetic surgery is performed to reduce Gynecomastia. Doctors’ advice for surgical treatment of Gynecomastia only after every possible way is tried to reduce the size of grown breast. Generally, this goes naturally, in case it doesn’t cure then we must resort surgery as last option. This surgery consumes 90 minutes of time performed with anesthesia in general with sedation.

Precautions after surgery:

One must follow instructions given by doctor after gyno surgery for quick recovery. It takes less time period for recovery.  It is common that you will see the swollen and bruised chest after surgery.  Do not worry about the scars that form around operation area this will heel over some period of time. You cannot expect complete recovery right away, it takes time. It depends upon severity of Gynecomastia and the surgery and to tell the time it takes for complete recovery. Precautions like staying away from the gym are important. Going to gym and exercising will cause more problems.  It is good we avoid exercising techniques of reducing Gynecomastia after surgery. Avoid taking weight on the chest like carrying heavy things in your hands as this may tighten muscles in the chest and cause problem.  Do not raise your hands upwards.  Follow the diet prescribed by the doctor to avoid unnecessary complications. Just follow every instruction given by doctor. Do not go with your own ideas otherwise you will end up in the hospital again.

Getting rid of Gynecomastia is possible??

It is absolutely possible and you can get rid of it too! Getting rid of Gyno is a problem for quite a number of gentlemen. Do not feel like you are alone in your predicament. Do not be ashamed of your current unwanted cleavage. There is help available and there is hope for a firmer chest. The problem is not going to get better by ignoring the facts that are staring at you in the mirror. If you do not act now, your cups truly are going to run over. Gynecomastia do not go away on their own, so you need to start working on them now. With daily exercises (no chest exercise), you can be well on your way to a toned and trim physique you will be proud to show off.

Although it may not be what you want to hear, if getting rid of Gyno is your priority, exercise is going to have to become a daily routine. Excess flesh in the chest area can result in the unwanted man breast phenomenon and the best way to rid yourself of your b-cups is to start working out the muscles in the area. While overall exercise is always good, specific targeted side chest exercises (no-push ups) are an excellent tool to reduce your cup size.

The Role of Exercise To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Since the main reason for pseudo-gynecomastia is the presence of excessive fat deposits, the best thing to do to get rid of Gyno is to lose fat in chest area with the help of strange exercises that discussed in the video above, and a big no to chest exercise. Not only lose weight in general, but specifically fat weight. There is no magic pill to help you do that: it’s basically just a combination of exercise and a good diet.

As the weight starts coming off, it’s important to concentrate on resistance training, especially exercises that work the pectoral muscles, to prevent sagging skin. All in all, cardio exercise (think running, biking and swimming) are the best options, as they will burn overall body fat and produce a natural reduction of the fatty tissue in the chest.

In the above link to video presentation on how to get rid of man boobs, Garry shared some very informative tips so that you can get benefits from him. He is in this field from last 15 years and he knows everything about it. I highly recommend his techniques and tutorials to lose man boobs naturally.

26 thoughts on “Gynecomastia

  1. AmanSIngh

    Hi, I am 17 and struggling with Gynecomastia from last 4 years but not good improvement sign yet. I have consulted many doctors in India all suggested me to for surgery which I really dont want. I have read that surgery may be very painful and it takes time to recover from it.

    I am doing regular light workout and focusing on chest exercises of different types but nothing is working for me. The video presentation given above looks promising and I am thinking to continue with the tips shared in that video. If nothing works then surgery is the best way to get rid of it as suggested to me by many doctors.

  2. Ahmet

    I am 14, I think I too have gyno and I am als bit fat, my mom say its fat. Please suggest me what I can no one want to grow up with this shit. planning to see my doctor this weekend. .

  3. Fernando

    In my location (France) Gynecomastia surgery is very complicated and costly and I would not suggest to go with it. Also, most men will find that sometime in first week after surgery they can get back to their normal working activities in terms of working out exercise, cardiac activity,etc. Intense exercise like lifting need to wait for at least first three to four weeks. And in some men it takes longer, they may experience swelling for the entire month and need to wear gynecomastia compression vests every time.

    Why not go with natural method of getting rid of it, consult some specialist in this field and follow their advise to get rid of it naturally. A gym instructor can also help you with effective chest exercises.

    You can also take gynecomastia reduction pills (Gynexin), but before taking it consult your doctor about gynexin side effects because it varies from men to men.

    Try following Garry Davidson instruction to get rid of it naturally (link given above in video). He is expert in this field and have helped lots of men, my cousin is currently following his workout and diet plan and their is some good result coming in.

    Try every method to get rid of It naturally and if nothing works for you then go for surgery.

  4. Jakes

    I also have Gynecomastia and yeah its really trouble making thing in life,I am actually 20 years old and facing it into my life.I taken lots of pills and all but nothing is working for me I am currently using the method shared here to get rid of it naturally.
    Trying is the best thing, One of my friends too having this Gyno problem and he got the knowledge from this site on how to reverse gynecomastia and he suggested me to use the method mentioned here. He is getting good results in first month by following Garry Davidson’s advises and diet plan.

  5. javed

    video presentation looks promising, i went ahead and ordered a copy of it to test after struggling with gynecomastia from last 4 years. If you are at your early age then you can get rid of it naturally with the help of effective diet plan and exercise suggested by experts. Doctors suggested me that Gynecomastia may go away on its own if I follow prescribed diet as early as possible, if it persists then surgery is last option

  6. Joseph Cruise MD

    To all of the men who have commented and are suffering with gynecomastia – True gynecomastia, once present, will not entirely go away with diet, exercise, special pills or potions, etc. While diet and exercise can help minimize the severity of your gynecomastia, it will likely not “go away.” You could spend years trying to get rid of it “naturally,” but in my decades of experience as a specialist in gynecomastia, surgery is the only real option for permanently getting rid of the problem. Gynecomastia surgery has come along way and can be performed relatively easily compared to other types of plastic surgery procedures – depending on the severity of course – At my practice in Newport Beach, CA most of my gyne patients are able to have surgery under local anesthesia with a light oral sedative. While there will be some bruising, swelling and discomfort following surgery, most patients feel it’s entirely worth it given they no longer have to try to find clothing that hides their man boobs, no need to spend any more money investing in things that don’t work, and best of all no longer have to live with shame and embarrassment. Best of luck, Joseph Cruise MD.

    1. Hitesh

      I do not agree with you Joseph.. I have seen many patients specially teens who got rid of it completely and naturally with the help of exercises and diet. I even myself was following Garry Davidson guide on how to get rid of it naturally and it helped me a lot to completely remove my Gynecomastia.

      I do agree that in some of men it will not go away without surgery if the severity is too much high, but at initial level you can go with the natural method.

  7. Leeward

    Hi there!, if your are having gyno from very long time say 8+ years then surgery is the only option. Otherwise, you can try non-surgical method.

  8. Irtaza

    Please help me! Because of this gyno there is fun in teenage and i m 14 and ridiculius problem has low down my cofidence level

  9. Laurence

    information shared here works best on early stage Gynecomastia (less than 2 year)
    If this is initial stage of your gynecomastia or you have just noticed your gyno then go for method described above in Video. It is really worth to watch the presentation and take action.

  10. Abram

    I am now Gynecomastia Free 🙂
    I recommend this to everyone who has gynecomastia. Garry davidson guide is focused in controlling Estrogen and Testosterone hormone level. As we all know that increase in estrogen hormone results in Gynecomastia because it is female body hormone.

    1. Hitesh

      how old are you and from how many weeks u are following this course? pls share more some tips friend please.. I am 32 and following this course from last 2 weeks.. hope to get rid of my man boobs like u soon. So far it is going good.

      are you from India?

      1. Abram

        Yes I am from india. I am 28 yrs old and it took me 7 weeks to get rid of it. You will notice some change in 3 weeks

  11. lorich

    Very good course for man boobs. Lucky me I found your site by accident (stumbleupon). will update about my progress

  12. Pablo

    Gynecomastia is not easy to handle. If its bad you will need to get surgery. If its recent or not real bad try this. I had great results with it

  13. Santosh

    I have actually managed to get rid of gynecomastia, but it took some time and effort, there is no “overnight” solution. It is all about eating properly balanced foods to balance hormone level – that is actually far more important than exercising(as per my experience – exercise-35% and diet-65%). This 3 week diet just made sense and showed me that everything I was doing before to get rid of gyno was wrong and just a waste of time. This program was a real eye opener for me and for many others – and easy to follow. I did everything it said and lost gynecomastia in the first three weeks. This diet has changed my life, and I am incredibly thankful to you for sharing this.

  14. ahmed.hamrouni

    Best non surgical way to prevent Gynecomastia is shared here(good diet plan/exercise). Old school bodybuilders always relied on antiestrogens like Clomid from the late 1970s through the 1990s. They were very effective at preventing gyno and often a better choice than the anti-aromatases at preventing gyno.
    Bought this for myself and friends, can leave only positive testimonial.

  15. jamison

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next post on gynecomastia
    thank you once again.


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